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Vehicle Wraps
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Lenoir City Vehicle Wraps


While traditional signs are integral to one’s business strategy, they may be limited in their reach since they are stationary in their location. If you want to expand your reach and not cost a lot of money, you can consider requesting personalized vehicle wraps from Tennessee Sign Company for your vehicles.

custom full vehicle wrap

Vehicle wraps can be used for any vehicle and are designed to show what the brand wants people to see when they see the vehicle on the road. Wherever the vehicle goes, it will promote the brand effectively and provide the information clients need so they can avail themselves of services even if they are not close to a business’s office.

When designing Lenoir City vehicle wraps, we ensure that all the key information your target audience needs to see is in the wrap itself, alongside your business’s branding. We will use high-quality vinyl for each request and install them flawlessly so that your vehicles look great and without imperfections.

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Vinyl Graphics, Partial Wraps, & Magnets

If you want to expand your brand’s visibility and reach, vehicle wraps can definitely help out. These wraps can be installed in any vehicle, and if designed correctly, they can easily catch anyone’s attention and provide all the information they need about your business, even if they have not seen your display yet.

Lenoir City Vehicle Wraps vehicle wrap options

Full Vehicle Wraps

When using vehicles as a marketing tool for one’s business, full vehicle wraps are undisputed for their effectiveness and other benefits.

custom full vehicle wrap

As its name implies, full vehicle wraps cover most of the vehicle to be wrapped and transformed into a moving advertisement for your brand. No matter where you use your business vehicles for business, it will significantly expand your marketing strategy, even if parked somewhere. These full wraps will also help protect your car’s paint, which is a plus if you plan to sell your vehicle in the future.

Tennessee Sign Company can create full vehicle wraps that feature any content you wish people to see. We use vinyl for our vehicle wraps because it has long been considered the best material to use because of its durability and flexibility. We can help you throughout the project, even during installation, because we want you to be happy with your request.

Partial Car Wraps

Partial car wraps are available if you don’t want to completely cover your vehicle for your promotional or marketing strategy and if you’re on a budget.

partial vehicle graphicsOur vehicle wrap experts can work on a design that will match the part of the vehicle you wish to wrap for your design. Should you wish to change the place where these wraps are located, the wraps can be peeled off easily, and you do not have to worry about scratching or damaging the paint.

Rest assured that these wraps will contour your vehicle’s surface and appeal to your target audience. We can also recommend design options to make your wraps appeal to a wider audience.

Vinyl Graphics

If you want to be more creative with designing your vehicle, you can go for vinyl graphics.

custom vinyl vehicle lettering

Vinyl graphics are individually cut pieces of vinyl – which can either form a letter, photo, or symbol – and are attached to any part of the vehicle. It is easy to peel off, allowing users to place it anywhere in the vehicle without ruining the paint.

We can help you conceptualize how these vinyl graphics can be designed and where they should be placed to achieve your dream design once installed in the vehicle. We can produce these graphics quickly and handle the installation so it looks flawless at every angle.

Vehicle Magnets

What if you want to wrap your car for work but don’t want to commit to either full or partial vehicle wrap? Do you bring your work vehicle at home where it is not allowed to display signs and other similar materials/

car magnetYou can still get your vehicle wrapped without having to cover it all the time with a wrap with the help of vehicle magnets. These magnets can be designed to show your brand content and attach to any part of the vehicle.

Even if the vehicle speeds off, the magnets will not fall off or be out of place. Once you are finished using the vehicle for business purposes, you can remove the magnet and drive off to your personal activities.

Vehicle magnets are ideal for those looking for a vehicle wrap that is affordable and easy to produce and use but has yet to be ready to commit to an actual vehicle wrap.

Perforated Window Film

Do you want to wrap your entire vehicle to maximize your wrap’s coverage and create a larger promotional display for your brand? We can also make the matching window film wrap for your vehicle.

custom perforated window filmWindow films are perforated to allow the driver and passengers to see outside the car without worries while still showcasing the design from the outside. We offer full window film coverage for your vehicles if requested or have them as cutouts.

We can also use perforated window films to provide extra privacy for your passengers. Like how we will install your vehicle wraps, we will ensure these window films blend well with your vehicle’s windows and look fluid at every angle.

Professionals Wraps for All Vehicle Types

Tennessee Sign Company is a top-rated Lenoir City, TN sign company that has been working with businesses across the city for years for their sign needs.

custom vinyl food truck wrapThe company also creates unique vehicle wraps that can help make the business vehicle more pretty or serve as a unique marketing tool for the business. Each wrap is designed to match the vehicle it will be installed on, and it will be done swiftly.

We are confident that we will be able to provide you with the wraps that your brand truly needs, and your investment will be well-spent once people start seeing your wraps. We will also streamline the entire process so that you don’t have to worry about anything while we make your wraps.

Down below are the various types of vehicle wraps we can personalize and make for your business fleet:

We don’t just make vehicle wraps for businesses. We can also make supporting business signs that you can use to promote your brand and improve the overall customer experience once they visit the business. You can even request custom signs from us whenever you need them.

Attractive Wraps for Your Entire Fleet

When we make personalized Lenoir City vehicle wraps for our clients, we make sure that it matches the image our clients want, and it will help them expand the reach of their marketing strategy.

Custom Fleet Vehicle Wraps

With many businesses now bringing their services and other offerings to their clients directly, it is important that they are able to reassure their clients that they are a legitimate business through their business vehicle. With vehicle wraps, people will know you are a trusted brand and that you value your branding.

No matter what type of vehicle you use for your business, let us know what you want your wraps to display. We will do our best to design them according to your business’ messaging and make sure it will bring in more business for your brand.

Promotional Car Wraps

Are you using a vehicle to help you bring your business to your clients or get supplies for your use? Vehicle wraps can help you continue to market your business while on the go and build strong impressions about your brand.

custom car wrap

When people see your wrapped vehicle in the streets, whether on the road or in traffic, they will become familiar with your brand and slowly become curious about your offerings. The wrap will also serve as the business card for your brand, allowing people to contact you immediately when they see your vehicle on the road. Vehicle wraps also serve another purpose: to protect your vehicle’s coating from daily wear and tear.

Vehicle wraps can be used by any business and industry, especially those who do not have a fixed address or bring their services to their clients directly. Clients who will see these wraps will immediately trust the brand if they see that your wraps are promoting your brand and offerings perfectly and that all the information they need to see is in them.

If you want a full-blown wrap for your vehicles, we can also do window wraps that easily blend well with your vehicle wraps. We will ensure these window wraps will not block your vision while in the car and provide privacy.

Your Designs, Perfected

Tennessee Sign Company has a great track record for providing top-notch customer service and high-quality products for any client that requests our services.

custom airplane graphics

We want all our clients to be satisfied with their prints, and it will help them achieve their goals no matter what they may be. We will do our utmost to make the entire process stress-free and affordable.

Whether you want a simple design on your chosen print or a very detailed one, we are ready to make it happen. We will do our best to create your ideal design before getting them made so that your dream vision for your display is achieved.

We will also provide you with all the additional support you need to maximize the benefit of your new prints. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our services, and we will gladly explain them to you.

Full-Service Vehicle Wrapping

When we make personalized Lenoir City vehicle wraps at Tennessee Sign Company, we make sure that it fits the client’s requirements without going over their budget or design request. We also make sure they are made with the best quality vinyl or similar materials because we know how important it is for the growth of your business. You can also count on us to be with you in every step of the project so you know how to maximize these wraps better and get more from your investment.

custom vehicle wrap installation

Our vehicle wrapping service starts with a free consultation service where one of our experts will be on hand to answer your questions and get to know you, your brand, and your vehicle fleet.

All the information we will receive from you during this time will be used to create the draft design of your vehicle wraps, which we can edit for free if any elements are missing or wrong. We will also show you sample designs we made for past clients and the materials we can use for reference.

Once all the details are finalized, and the draft design is approved, we will immediately manufacture your vehicle wraps. We use industry-grade vinyl for our vehicle wraps because they are proven durable and capable of protecting the vehicle’s coat once installed. Before the wraps are installed in your vehicles, we will do a quality check on them to see if there are any errors or missing elements, as well as prepare your vehicle for installation.

If you need assistance maintaining your vehicle wraps or repairing them, let us know, and we will send our team to help you out.

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

Lenoir City Vehicle Wraps logo 300x118

Maximize your promotional and marketing strategy for your brand with the help of personalized vehicle wraps. With these materials in use, you can definitely expand your reach and improve how people see your brand, even if you do not have a fixed office location or business hours.

If you want to get started giving your business its own vehicle wraps, don’t hesitate to call us at Tennessee Sign Company whenever you are ready. One of our sign experts will be with you to design your vehicle wraps and ensure it is installed perfectly in your fleet of vehicles once it is made.

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