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Mohawk Channel Letters


A business doesn’t need to have a large business sign to let the world know about its brand and offers. Compact signs like channel letters can provide visibility to your business and give it a professional look. However, your channel letters should be made by a trusted manufacturer to truly reflect your brand. In Mohawk, TN, Tennessee Sign Company is the one you can trust.

Custom Channel Letter Building Sign

Both channel and dimensional letters offer a simple yet sophisticated approach for businesses to promote their branding. It can be used mainly as storefront signs, but it can also be used for indoor displays depending on your brand’s personality and content.

With us handling your Mohawk channel letters, you will be satisfied with the final product. Our signs are made from the best materials to help you show your customers that you prioritize having high-quality products and services. We also work with businesses on a budget for their channel letters, and we will not compromise on their quality because we know that these signs can help a brand grow.

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Storefront Channel Letters

When businesses request our custom-made Mohawk channel letters, they are often used as storefront signs.

Custom Channel Letter SignChannel letters are highly preferred as storefront signs because they are 3D signs made from individually shaped elements to form whatever the business wants people to see. It could be the name of the business, its logo, or simply a unique catchphrase. Each element can be installed in the building’s facade directly or with the help of a backing frame. The front part of each channel letter element is made from acrylic or similar material in the opacity and color you choose.

Tennessee Sign Company can create these channel letters to your specifications, from the size, shape, and colors to what it displays. We can even add optimizations that will allow it to stand out, such as different lighting and animations.

Storefront channel letters are often used for retail shops, shopping centers, government facilities, and public spaces because of their simplicity and customization.

Dimensional Letters

Are you looking for channel letters that would blend well with your building’s facade and still fulfill their purpose in promoting your brand? Do you want channel letters that you can use indoors? Dimensional letters are the type of channel letters that will work best for these situations.

Storefront SignAlthough channel letters and dimensional letters are similar since they both have individually made elements, they differ in terms of how they are made and modified. Dimensional letters involve cutting individual pieces from a solid sheet—metal, aluminum, steel, or acrylic. Backlighting is added to allow people to see the individual pieces carved on the solid panel.

We allow our clients to select the size, style, and font they want on their chosen material for dimensional letters. We can also customize the dimensions in terms of thickness and opacity to achieve a 3D look that can be seen from a distance. If you plan to use these dimensional letters indoors, we can visit your location to determine how they should be designed and where they should be placed to achieve their intended effect.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

To boost your channel or dimensional letters’ appeal to the target audience, you should consider adding optimizations to your signs. Lighting is the most notable optimization you can add for channel or dimensional letters.

Lighted SignOnce we receive your request for personalized Mohawk channel letters, we will consider how your sign’s lighting should be done. Most channel or dimensional letters are used outdoors, which is why it is crucial that they have lighting that will help them stay visible at any given time and weather. Depending on your preference or business goals, we can install either backlighting or external lighting for your signs. No matter which one you select, we will ensure the electrical components are installed correctly in your signs and will not cause any problems for you as you use them.

We recommend backlit or illuminated channel signs for any business that operates during night hours. These signs are also ideal for businesses that wish to remain visible 24/7 in any given weather.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Knoxville Sign Company logo 300x118If you are looking for a simple business sign that can effectively promote your brand, channel letters should be considered. But it would help if they’re made by a trusted Mohawk, TN sign company that can match your vision and make it a reality.

With Tennessee Sign Company, you are guaranteed to get channel or dimensional letters that will proudly promote your brand and give people a reason to check it out. It will also work alongside your other business signs to improve your customers’ and employees’ experience, instilling loyalty. Speak to one of our sign experts to find out how you can get your very own custom channel or dimension letters today.

Call Tennessee Sign Company at (865) 234-9172 for your Free Consultation with a Mohawk Channel Letter expert!