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Lighted Signs
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Loudon Lighted Signs

In business, effort and strategy are needed to get ahead of your competitors. When you learn the right balance of these two, you can outshine them—and there’s no better way to do this than by using Tennessee Sign Company’s Loudon, TN lighted signs!

custom illuminated channel letters

From general-use lighted signs, like backlighting or interior illumination, to signs with special aesthetic qualities, such as LED tubes and menu boards, the kinds of lighted signs in the industry are endless. And with Tennessee Sign Company, you get full access to the best of these products. On top of that, you can get them in fully customized versions, varying in specifications like color schemes, sizes, and shapes!

Any lighted sign that you need can be provided by Tennessee Sign Company. We design and manufacture them according to what works best for your business goals. Rest assured that whether you get simple backlit dimensional letters or high-tech digital message centers, you get them in their most durable and most attractive conditions.

Just give us the project details we need, such as your branding, business goals, target market, creative preferences, and even your budget. We will analyze your needs carefully and recommend the best signage solutions for you!

Call Tennessee Sign Company today at (865) 234-9172 for your Free Consultation with a Loudon Lighted Sign Specialist!

Traditional Neon Signs

custom neon signNeon signs are a classic when it comes to business signage. They go all the way back to the early 1900s, spreading incredible lighting wherever they are placed.

However, as the decades went by, neon signs proved to be extremely costly products. You need to pay for high initial costs and high maintenance costs. Not to mention, they turned out to be quite harmful to the environment.

Do you want to get the neon-sign look for your business without the high costs and environmental damage? We got just the right product for you at Tennessee Sign Company–LED signs!

Lighted LED Signs

LED technology has allowed signage makers to create the neon-sign look without using neon lighting technology that causes environmental damage and broken budgets.

Cafe Icon Lighted Storefront Sign Channel LettersTennessee Sign Company offers this product in many different shapes or forms, from LED tubes that look so much like neon signs to various other types of lighted signage. We have internally lit cabinet signs, backlit dimensional letters, and even digital message centers–all using LED technology.

If you run a business that needs to operate until nighttime, such as restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, bars, clubs, and theaters, we highly recommend these products! Just give us a call and tell us your needs. Our signage experts will provide the Loudon lighted signs you are looking for.

Indoor Lighted Signs

Lighted signs work amazingly outdoors because they are visible in any public space. But they are also very effective for indoor use.

Royal Cyber - Indoor Backlit Lobby SignThe entrance-and-exit signs we see in establishments like museums, malls, cinemas, hotels, and theaters are a type of indoor lighted sign. On the other hand, restaurants and eateries use order/pickup stations, another type of lighted sign used indoors. The options are endless when decorating and equipping your business interior with our Loudon lighted signs!
Tell us about the goal that you want to achieve, and we will help you figure out the best way to use these lighted products.

Programmable Digital Message Centers

Perhaps the most impressive lighted product we have that often changes the game for many businesses is our programmable digital message centers.

Dairy Queen Pylon SignAlso a product of LED technology, this sign type is as bright and attractive as our other lighted signs. However, a unique feature makes it much more special and powerful: it allows users to change its displayed content anytime they want.

Using special software, programmable digital message centers can show a generic branded poster of your business today and a special-event video for a special event tomorrow. If you have a new product offer, a special marketing campaign, or want to spice up your advertising efforts, this product will do wonders for your business.

Programmable digital message centers can either stand alone as a single signage unit or be installed on other sign types, such as monument or pylon signs. We can also offer them unique features, whichever would fit your goals best.

Full-Service LED Sign Company

All these spectacularly bright types of signage can be offered at Tennessee Sign Company. But because we are a top signage company, we can offer more than just the products.

Loudon Lighted Signs illuminated cabinet channel letters outdoor install 300x225We are a full-service company, which means from graphic designing and manufacturing to installation and repairs, any service related to signage can be provided by our complete team of signage experts!

What’s better is that on top of our Loudon lighted signs, we also offer the full range of signage products in our industry! Lobby signs, yard signs, vehicle wraps, ADA signs, monument signs, logo signs, murals–you name it; we can provide it for your business at the best quality and durability possible!

Finally, we also make sure that we can take care of our clients with their other needs. If you need some advice about the kind of signage that would work best for your business, our experts are always ready to provide educated recommendations. Our team can also handle any legal requirements for setting up signs in your area. All your needs are in one Loudon, TN sign company, Tennessee Sign Company!

Free Lighted Sign Consultation

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Got any questions or concerns about our Loudon lighted signs? Call us anytime during our business hours. Our signage experts are always ready to listen to your business goals and recommend the best signs we can offer.

Call Tennessee Sign Company today at (865) 234-9172 for your Free Consultation with a Loudon Lighted Sign Specialist!